RHS Gardens."},"type":"Heading"}"> Our seed list is produced each year by a small, dedicated team of staff and volunteers, based at Wisley, who collect, clean and pack seed for members. Covering 180 species, it contains a range of plants including annuals, herbaceous perennials, trees and shrubs, some of which are rare and unusual.


We hope you will be inspired to have a go at growing from seed, which can be fun and rewarding. If you’re not already a member, why not join the RHS to take advantage of this and many other fantastic benefits?

Ordering seed packets","leftText":"

Members can order up to 15 packets of seed from RHS Gardens including annuals, herbaceous perennials and rare shrubs from 1 December 2022 to 28 February 2023.
\nIt’s quick and easy to order your seed packets online by logging into your My RHS account. If you don’t have one, you can create an account and link your membership in just a few minutes.




A charge of £10 is applied to all orders which covers the cost of seed collection, administration and postage.


Delivery of orders


We began to dispatch orders for the 2023 Seed Scheme in December 2022 to addresses in the UK only and aim to send out all orders by the end of March 2023.
\nPlease note: Due to the change in export regulations governing the sending of plant material overseas, we regret that we can no longer offer RHS seed to our EU members.
\nIf you haven’t received your order by 1 April 2023, please contact our Seed Team by email: seeddepts@rhs.org.uk.

\n","introText":"In line with our move towards more sustainable operations, the RHS Seed Scheme in 2023 will be offered online only as we seek to reduce our paper-based systems.","leftHeadingStyle":{"name":"H3","id":2,"displayOrder":3},"headingStyle":{"name":"H2","id":1,"displayOrder":1},"title":"RHS Members’ Seed Scheme 2023","introStyle":{"name":"Body","id":2,"displayOrder":2},"rightHeadingStyle":{"name":"H3","id":2,"displayOrder":3}},"type":"TextTwoColumn"}">


Open pollination\n\n

Our seed is collected from open-pollinated plants. Therefore seed may not come true and may be hybridised.


Toxic seeds


Whilst we make every effort to highlight those seeds which we know to be toxic, it should be assumed that ALL seed could be potentially harmful or cause skin irritation.


Invasive species


We endeavour to exclude seeds of potentially invasive species.


Plants for Pollinators


Those plants flagged with the bee symbol are ‘Plants for Pollinators’. This identifies plants that are good for attracting pollinating insects into your garden.

Please contact the RHS if you are seeking to commercialise the genetic material, its products or resources derived from it.